About the Brand

L'Oeuf Poché's philosophy is to offer fashion
forward tennis and activewear to the modern woman. Our collection embodies classic lines and shapes with fashion flair in details. We also pride ourselves in the thought and care we put into the production of each garment. Each piece is made
in the U.S. with much care under ethical
working conditions.

About the Designer

Ami, the designer and founder of L'Oeuf Poché, started her career in accounting, a world far
away from fashion! However, she had always
been fascinated by the fashion industry. She decided to combine her love of fashion and fitness when she saw an opportunity in the tennis market for more stylish yet still functional wear. She took
a leap of faith in 2010 and launched L'Oeuf Poché!

What Does L'Oeuf Poché Mean?

L'Oeuf Poché means The Poached Egg in French. L'Oeuf is said to be the origin of the term "love" in tennis because eggs resemble a zero. Poach is also a tennis term, which is used to describe a play in doubles where the player at the net crosses the court to volley a shot intended for his/her partner. High risk, high reward!